Salem Professional Anesthesia Services has provided excellent anesthesia care to patients and their families since August of 1996. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced staff members are clinically excellent as practitioners, but also maintain compassion in every aspect of patient service and care.

Some of the current team members have been working with the centers’ medical doctors since 1990, creating a lasting professional relationship that allows us to provide the best anesthesia care possible. At Salem Professional Anesthesia, we understand the very personal medical relationship we have with our patients, and we plan to honor and protect that relationship. 

Salem Professional Anesthesia provides anesthesia services at four (4) fully accredited surgical centers, including Greensboro Specialty Surgical Center, The Surgical Eye Center of the Carolinas, The Surgical Eye Center and Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgical Center. 


Salem Professional Anesthesia Services will strive to protect the professional, medical relationships formed with patients, to demonstrate the highest level of compassion, and to provide excellent and professional anesthesia care to its patients at a reasonable cost. We will work alongside our surgical center partners and provide the care and comfort all patients deserve as they undergo surgical procedures.